D Series: D Series Pumps Powered by ORBIS™ Technology

Model: D Series Pumps Powered by ORBIS™ Technology

Introducing a New Daring Solution D Series powered by ORBIS™ Technology

Tuthill Pump Group has drawn on over 125 years of positive displacement pump design and manufacturing experience to solve our customers’ most challenging problems. Building on a vast knowledge of hydraulics, mechanics, and electronics comes proven D Series pumps powered by ORBIS Technology. ORBIS Technology enhanced drive solution offers an integrated brushless DC motor with closed-loop control delivering performance that satisfies a high variety of applications in a compact design with exceptional reliability and extended life. D Series external gear pumps are known for their seal-less construction and non-pulsing flow which makes them perfect for precise circulating, dosing, and metering applications. If the application requires a leak-free, compact, and technically advanced pump, Tuthill’s D Series pumps with ORBIS Technology is the solution.


  • Robust D Series
  • Platform Compact Footprint
  • Only Static O-Ring Seals
  • Available Integrated Push-to-Connect Fittings
  • Neodymium Driven Magnet
  • Closed-Loop Speed Control
  • Variety of Control Options


ORBIS Technology utilizes a closed-loop speed control system that achieves a set point for speed very quickly and holds this point independent of load which ensures fluid delivery will be consistent regardless of application and system variables. Standard product supports four-wire and two-wire configurations. The four-wire configuration allows speed control of 0 to 5 volts from 800 to 3600 RPM, tach out for speed monitoring, reversing control, as well as fault-out and current-out. An alternate simplified two-wire configuration can easily replace a brushed motor in OEM applications. Tuthill’s robust D Series platform has proven performance and long life of up to 20,000 hours. The pump is driven by a Neodymium magnet that delivers 85 mNm of torque to cover a wide range of applications. The compact footprint of ORBIS pump and motor allows it to integrate into almost any application. Static O-Ring seals are leak-free and make field repair with service packs simple. Also, optional integrated push-to-connect tube fittings reduces installation time by at least 50% and saves additional space compared to traditional ports.

Suggested Applications:

  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Continuous Ink Jet
  • Dialysis Equipment
  • Laser Cooling
  • Slide Staining

Performance Range:

  • Flow range up to 42 GPH (up to 160 LPH)
  • Differential Pressure to 80 PSI (5 BAR)
  • System Pressure to 150 PSI (10 BAR)
  • Viscosity 0.3 CPS to 2,000 CPS