Magnetically Coupled

Since 1977, Tuthill has worked to improve magnetically driven gear pumps by engineering solutions to meet the needs of varying applications and exacting designer specifications. The result is a family of magnetically coupled pumps that have found wide industry acceptance for their versatility and robust standard of build and reliability.
PPS Engineered Polymer Pump:
Flow rates to 63usgph(238L/hr)
Differential Pressures to 130psi(9bar)
System pressures to 300psi(20bar)
Temperatures to 150°F(65°C)
Viscosities to 1000cps+.
316 Stainless Steel or Hastelloy
Flow rates to 650gph(2460L/hr)
Differential Pressures to 250psi(17.2bar)
System Pressures to 500psi(34.5bar)
Temperatures to 350°F(176°C)
Viscosities to 2000cps+.
Pump, motor and variable-speed drive combined into a simple, compact unit. Analog or digital controls are available, including NEMA 4 Washdown versions. Pumps can be mounted remotely or within the console.
Tuthill's W-Series magnetically coupled external gear chemical metering pumps are designed specifically for the harsh environment associated with water and wastewater chemical treatment. The external gear technology resists gas vapor locking caused by out gassing sodium hypochlorite. The W-Series simple and robust long life design is easy to install and maintain. The W-Series construction options are 316 stainless steel, hastelloy, or titanium.
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