Tuthill GlobalGear and HD pumps are suitable for pumping asphalt and are used in many asphalt applications, including bulk transfer, loading/unloading of tankers, (highway and rail types), transferring from main storage-tank to production tanks, feeding of production installation, e.g. production of roof shingles, and mobile road repair equipment.

In most applications asphalt is pumped at temperatures of 270 ºF to 400 ºF to reduce the viscosity (100 to 7500cPs) and ease processing. To maximize efficiency of pumps in asphalt service, Tuthill has incorporated a range of options that make our pumps ideal for various asphalt applications.


The automotive fuel injection cleaning machine manufacturers typically use Tuthill Miniature Magnetically Coupled External Gear Pumps. The Tuthill pumps temporarily replace the vehicle fuel pump and supply the gasoline or diesel fuel mixed with cleaning agents. The pumps are driven by a 12 volt DC motor powered by the vehicle engine battery making the machines portable.

Polyphenylene sulfide engineered plastic and 316 stainless steel construction is chemically compatible with the fuels and additives. The Tuthill Miniature Magnetically Coupled External Gear Pumps are ideal for fuel injection cleaning machines due to their leak free design, compact size, long life, smooth flow, reversing capability, high efficiency, and high-pressure capability.


Corrugating boxes are produced by sandwiching a central filling of fibre paper. The outer fibre papers are then glued to the peaks and valleys of the filling, using corn, wheat, or potato starch-based adhesives. Leakage, short seal life, and viscosity thinning are all common problems with handling starch adhesives.

The GlobalGear® series pump is a proven performer in this application, effectively addressing all of these challenges. Superior sealing technology and pump design withstand pressure spikes and ensure long seal and component life.


Our Magnetically Coupled Positive Displacement External Gear Pumps are designed with accuracy in mind.

The metering benefits include speed regulated flow control and utilization of standard motors and controllers. The flow through design does not trap gasses associated with vapor locking and therefore eliminates discrepancies in accuracy or pump shut down.

The W Series Pump is effective for metering sodium hypochlorite for wastewater treatment with an accuracy of better than 1%.